Top 6 Content Writing and Editing Tool for SEO Content Marketing

Content Writing is a diverse landscape that needs ongoing innovation backed by tools that can help you offer you excellent content writing tips and improve your content creation endeavours. Utilizing the best tools around spares you essential time and permits you to remain engrossed in content writing instead of going through hours on editing or making visuals. A portion of the Content Writing Tools improve your composition, content marketing strategy, help you find new substance thoughts, create lovely visuals, get you more coordinated, and substantially more. In this post, I am sharing the essential tools for content writing and editing for marketing.

Top 6 Content Writing and Editing Tool for SEO Content Marketing


Grammarly does what word processors neglects to do. When a writer enters the content, it in a split second fix above 250 sorts of mistakes, which can’t be comprehended by Microsoft Word. It finds a superior equivalent for any word and streamlines composing with lucidity and significance. Aside from having the option to spot blunders other language structure checking applications can’t, it additionally improves text and make it more understandable. The free form of this application dispenses with evident punctuation errors and jargon abuses. It even rectifies the entire content when it is in American English.


Hemingway is the highest level tools on this rundown of Best Content Writing Tools. This web-based altering tool stays mainstream among authors and bloggers for its advantageous content editing framework. It resembles a spellchecker, yet for the style. It ensures that the user quickly emphasizes the message, not battle through elaborate exposition. Hemingway features sentences and phrases that are too intricate, proposes removing extra adverbs and converting passive voice into active voice. Additionally, the application changes over complex sentences into clear articulations.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This tool is an extraordinary answer for writers who regularly stall out, attempting to think of a snappy feature and not understanding what wording to pick. They need to enter the thought, and Portent’s Content Idea Generator will give them an extraordinary title for any post. Disregarding creating somewhat oversimplified beliefs can even rouse writers to change how they planned to convey thoughts from the outset. Search results can be updated the same number of times, varying until the theme is an ideal match.


Canva offers prepared plans, or clients can make their own without any preparation utilizing a smooth drag-and-drop element and expert layouts. Canva has everything for astounding plans: free and paid pictures, photograph channels, symbols and text styles to use in online media posts, letters, pamphlets, resumes, postcards and substantially more. It has got an enormous database of content types that continues developing persistently, alongside a broad rundown of expert plans which are generally free, that give exceptional illustrations.


Copyscape is popular online anti-plagiarism tools that emphasize identifying where your work’s unapproved duplicates have sprung up somewhere else on the web. Plagiarism checker is a necessary device for journalists, and Copyscape is free and can be utilized to check whether the content has any copies. Clients need to enter the URL of a post and get results about their article. The tool likewise helps see whether the substance is being “lifted” and utilized somewhere else. Copyscape is imperative for every individual who redistributes content creation activities or visitor blog entries.


Evernote is an ideal instrument that permits content authors to assemble and sort data as quickly as could reasonably be expected. It helps them compose a rundown of the things they need, overseeing thoughts and ventures for simpler arranging. It likewise has a method of watching cutoff times, and it permits clients to impart the data to customers about explicit components of a specific venture. Gadgets can without much of a stretch coordinate with the content put away in Evernote, which makes materials more open, and the content can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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