Top 5 Ways to use latest Google Trends 2021 in SEO

Google experiences a bazillion of searches in one single day! And, it seems even more answers for each question searched! As the Google trends change every year, it would be great to be able to make the best use of these Google trends in 2021. So, get a clear view of the search intent, search patterns, and understand what people want.

Therefore, with Google Search trends, you can determine what kind of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is good for you, and what keywords will work for you. You can get the best keywords for your business or products or services. This is an important aspect when it comes to your services or products.

Google search trends is a free tool that shows the relative queries of searches- as per the number of searches on the search engine- Google in a specific place or time. This gives a good analysis of people who are interested and what exactly they are interested in!

Top 5 Ways to use latest Google Trends 2021 in SEO

Leverage Relevant Keywords

SEO is highly dependent upon the keywords that you find for your services or products. The SEO trends in 2021 are changing. So, before you start your SEO strategy, do good and intense research on the relevant keywords from this Google Search trend tool. You can also examine what kind of queries do people look for based on country, industry category, time, and search type. The more you make your research intricate and find the parameters to judge your keywords for, the better you reach your search intent of the user. There are crucial times and categories that help in interpreting the keywords accurately.

Explore Popular Related Topics and Queries

As you go on content creation and including images, you must get the idea of related subjects and keywords. Use Google Search Trend Tool and pair them with the search terms that appeal to your visitor or potential customer. Moreover, you can also analyze other topics and queries looked upon by the visitors so that you can get hands on the keywords that match in a similar category. So, by combining these search terms and profitable keywords, you create a perfect round for your content creation and images that relate to your potential customers.

Determine Benefits for Locations

So, when you go through the Google Search Trends Explore, you not only get results on the search intent for the visitors but you can also further categorize them into sub regions, cities, and metros. By doing this, you get a more narrow search that marks your marketing and targeting even easier. You can now judge what areas or cities are favorable for your kind of services and products. The location trends actually affect the SEO strategies you adopted. This will help you identify the best keywords, the best locations as well as the best strategy to adopt.

Watch Patterns in Interests Over Time

It is normal for consumer behavior to change with time. Therefore, you need to go through Google Trends and you will be able to figure out the best way to use the keyword and determine the patterns in interests over time. Learn about your visitors and what are their interests. So that you can provide the best and the efficient solutions based on the search intent. GO for location-specific pages and you shall be able to market your products and services.

Find Possibilities for Seasonal Content

Since Google Search Trends focuses more on the based on certain time periods. This can help you in getting the best and most of the content creation based on the seasonal. Based on the search intent, you will be able to come up with a seasonal content schedule that also has high interest in Google over these years. Make your content based on holidays, weather, or even some event. Be more readily available for all the seasons of the year.

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