How can we create and manage Google Docs? Is it secure?

Google Docs is a word-processing tool provided by Google to make documents online. It’s a great alternative to Microsoft Word and the best part is that Google Docs is absolutely free and there is no subscription or any kind of payment. Google docs is a very versatile tool and it provides an easy path to share, collaborate your documents with co-workers, clients, etc.

It might get overwhelming to learn everything about Google Docs at first. So, let’s start with a guide on how to create Google Docs.

How can we create and manage Google Docs? Is it secure?

Creating a Google Doc

The first thing you need to do is, go to This will take you to the homepage of Google Docs.

On the top left corner, you will find “Start a new document” which will contain a “Blank” and few other templates. If you want a fresh new document, click on “Blank” and it will open up a fresh new document.

Management of Google Docs

Although the functions in Google Docs are very similar to that of Microsoft Word, the unique thing about Google Docs is its management. Google Docs makes it very easy to manage your files, share your files and collaborate with other people.

Your Google Docs file is primarily stored in the drive. That is why you must check which email is used while you are creating your Google Docs. The files will be stored in the drive connected with the logged-in email-id. If you are logging in with a different email id every time you create a document, files will be mismanaged.

It seems easy at first but, as you stack up more Google Docs files, it might get difficult to track all your files. It’s not just your files, documents that are shared with you also show up. Fortunately, Google Docs is smart enough to help you out.

You can search for files. Since all the Google Docs you create are stored in the drive, you can easily search your file with keywords contained in your file or file name.

Sorting the files. Sorting is a simple way to make sure that the files you want are easily accessible to you. By default, your files are sorted from new to old. You can sort the files by name, date, and owner.

It is much more effective to create folders and organize your files properly beforehand instead of keeping all your files in the default location.

Is Google Docs Secure?

Addressing the question of the security of Google Docs, it is secure. All your Google Docs are as secure as Google Drive since all your files are stored there. By default, all your documents are only visible to you. To avoid any potential security leak, make sure you are sharing the Google Docs with the right people.

Rest assured, your Google Docs are completely secure if you make sure files are not shared with unwanted parties.

Google Docs is very convenient and easy to use. Its strength lies in the easy management and collaboration of documents. No payment, no software to download, easy access and management, cloud saving, and security. Google Docs can be used effectively to create, store and manage all your word documents.