Does Target Keyword In Anchor Text No Longer Matters Or Not?

Search Engine Optimization is a great technique of digital marketing that lets you make use of your website for content marketing. By writing insightful content and using SEO techniques to optimize it, your website can receive higher data traffic, which could positively affect the popularity of your business.

‘Target Keyword’ is a term that gets mentioned almost every time someone talks about Search Engine Optimization. Anyone familiar with the tools of SEO would already know what a target keyword is. But the question here is, do they still matter in 2020? Does the target keyword in anchor text impact the data traffic any longer? Before answering this question, start from the basics.

Does Target Keyword In Anchor Text No Longer Matters Or Not?

What is an anchor text in a content?

Anchor text is nothing but a piece of text that has a link attached to it. When there is a clickable link (hyperlink) that has a specific text being displayed on it, then the text would be referred to as an “Anchor Text”. Put anchor texts on your website as the backlinks help in promoting your website further by optimizing it for SEM. As you put relevant anchor texts in your content, it will be displayed on the search engines and get a high ranking which might not happen if you put generic anchor texts.

What is the target keyword?

A Target keyword is a keyword relevant to your website’s content. It could also be a keyword that is related to your business, products, or services. When you include targeted keywords in your website’s content, then you can easily achieve a higher ranking on the search engines. This will increase the overall website traffic as your website will be more visible. To achieve this, you would need to do thorough keyword research where you would find the specific keywords you’re in your business could target to get a high ranking.

Why is keyword targeting important while using anchor texts?

While attaching hyperlinks in your website content, use targeted keywords as the anchor text for the links. The reason for this is that the different search engines use the anchor texts as the key factor for determining the content that would be displayed on the attached webpage. As you use the target keywords as the anchor text, the search engines will understand that target keyword for the webpage and it will be displayed at a higher ranking on their results page.

Is it good to use targeted keywords in the anchor text in 2020?

Coming to the fundamental question now, “is it relevant in 2020?”. Well, the answer to this is a definite “yes”. Even in the current times, the usage of targeted keywords in your anchor text can help in telling the search engines about the relevancy of the attached webpage. It is always a good idea to use your source or target keyword as an anchor text when you attach a link to it so that both the pages are treated as being relevant by the search engines.

How relevant information makes a content rank higher?

For instance, if a tech-based content (content A) has attached a hyperlink with “tech tips” as the anchor text, linking to a website (content B) that provides useful technical tips then the search engines will assume that the content A has relevant information and it will give this webpage a higher ranking.

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