7 Essential Components of a Small Business Website

No business is complete without a website. But, why is it so important today? Because it is the digital brochure of your company. Specifically, every small business needs to ensure that they don’t miss out on critical information and features to grab a lot of business opportunities.

7 Essential Components of a Small Business Website

Here is a list of elements that help in making a first good impression of your site on the visitor.

Contact Details

The primary action of every website visitor when they land on a site is to them to call or know the location to visit them.

Whatever the action is, the contact details should be updated and on a visible location on your website.

It is an obvious tip, but it’s a commonly missed element on websites. In fact, 60% of small businesses do not have a call to action tab on their home page. Therefore, to make it easy for visitors to contact you, contact details should be easy to find. Your contact details need to be clearly visible to get leads online.

Apart from the homepage, clear contact details should also be present on every added page on the footer or sidebar of your website.

It should be relevant and useful so that when people simply sign up to receive an email from you, they get it. Providing useful resources helps clients in many ways. Then, based on it they take a specific action in the next step.

About Us

The importance of an About Us page cannot be ignored. About us section is the most-visited section of your site and helps to get new leads and tell visitors about what you can offer. Thus, it is vital to write a fairly brief, value-focused, to the point, and relatable about us page. It should include all the benefits your clients and customers get from your services.


A feature video on the homepage is a good way to interact with visitors. It gives people a real sense of the services or products of your company. It’s a great way to engage your audience.

They can also be put in your main category, of the small business websites to divert the attention of the web users towards it.

Trust Elements

It is quite important to build trust on your homepage. Starting from logos to testimonials, a glance over them should be able to build a good trust. Reviews or testimonials give the audience a chance to read about others’ experiences. They should be easy to find. Preferably, place them on the homepage of your homepage around CTA.

Reviews, case studies, and testimonials should be an important content category. It is a worthy part of content building efforts, to build trust and social proof.

Core Services

Core services should be highlighted by putting them in boxes. This feature should include about 100 words of content in each box to promote core products or services.

Most likely your core services will have full pages or sections of your site, but it is equally important to place them on your homepage with descriptive content for additional SEO value. Interest in these services will make users browse other pages and finally click on the CTA.


A small business website will not be able to survive with static content. Regularly post blogs or some other content to keep your visitors coming back. It is a good way to give your visitors a reason to return on a regular basis.

Blogs provide your searchers with something useful while keeping your website fresh in Google’s mind.

Regular updates improve ranking on the search engines. So regularly update, high-quality content on the small business website for higher rankings and more visitors, A regularly updated blog filled with valuable information is a great way to show your expertise in your area of service.

Sleek Design

A simple and sleek design grabs attention. It helps web surfers to scan a web page before they decide to read the full story. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing a user’s experience. A professional/polished website that can be scanned easily and has good speed will eventually make its way on the good rankings.


If your small business website misses any of these elements, it is better to work on it for generating good results with online marketing. These elements guide in building a beautiful website with good search rankings and drive leads to your business. MindInventory provides tailored services to drive results at a small business.